What we do

We use amazing technologies to provide businesses with turnkey solutions to enable an enormous range of use cases. Our specialties include:

  • NFC/RFID tag management (e.g. content delivery, coupons, trivia/prize games, and consumer engagement)
  • In Store Mobile commerce software and services (e.g. loyalty, payment, contextual messaging)
  • Product upgrades and configuration at point of sale and via mobile (e.g. video game toys, white goods)
  • Trusted connections for IoT (Internet of things)
  • Tigertap makes proximity transactions more meaningful.Here is how....


    Manage Endpoints.

    The Tigertap platform allows our clients to manage numerous endpoints in their environment. Endpoints can be many things: NFC tags, BLE beacons, smart objects, reader infrastructure, consumer identities, mobile devices, etc. All of these endpoints can be analyzed and updated from one convenient web based dashboard.


    Enhance Interactions.

    We feel that every mobile interaction should be relevant and valuable to the consumer. We do this by utilizing contextual information, business indicators and individual preferences to formulate the most meaningful response for that particular interaction. Tigertap makes these smart decisions in real time, so the consumer gets what they want when they want it.


    Extend Business Logic.

    At Tigertap, our goal is make existing mobile services better, by offering payment, loyalty, coupon and other m-commerce service providers simple ways to extend their offering into NFC, BLE and mobile. We provide a full set of secure APIs, so clients can leverage our proximity expertise and continue to focus on their core business.


    What our clients say

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